Call Assistant jobs

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    20 Jul

    Freelance Job: Real Estate Virtual Assistant Call Center

    Hong Kong

    26 Jul

    Freelance Job: Virtual assistant. Must be available for on call.

    Hong Kong


    24 Jul

    Assistant Manager, Agency Support Call Centre - BF-BW-20688- RUP

    Hong Kong

    22 Jul

    Freelance Job: Virtual assistant / Real Estate investment call screener

    Hong Kong

    Make The Right Call

    16 Aug

    Office Assistant - Make The Right Call

    Sheung Wan

    03 Aug

    Freelance Job: Production Assistant to Create 7 Call Sheets for Simple Photography Event Shoots

    Hong Kong

    25 Jun

    Freelance Job: Assistant to make calls and find companies

    Hong Kong

    31 Jul

    Freelance Job: Virtual Assistant for Lead Generation, Emails and Phone Calls

    Hong Kong