Cloud Computing jobs

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    Plover Bay Technologies Limited

    02 Aug

    Job Opportunity: Cloud Systems Engineer - Linux, Cloud Computing

    New Territories

    09 Aug

    Freelance Job: T-shirt design for IT/Telecom/Cloud Computing niche

    Hong Kong

    17 Jul

    Freelance Job: IT/Technology writer for online course about Cloud Computing

    Hong Kong

    24 Jun

    Technical Trainee (Datacenter Engineer) Global Cloud Computing Provider

    Hong Kong

    05 Jul

    Freelance Job: Part-Time Trainers in IoT,Big Data , Cloud Computing & Machine Learning

    Hong Kong

    15 Aug

    Freelance Job: Support GSA Schedule 70 modification for SIN 132-40 (Cloud Computing) and SIN 132-56 (Health IT Services)

    Hong Kong

    15 Aug

    Freelance Job: Patent Application Filings for innovative distributed cloud computing model and cosmetics formulation and manufacturing process

    Hong Kong

    Toppan Forms Computer Systems Ltd.

    16 Aug

    Product Specialist - Software & Cloud Computing - Toppan Forms Computer Systems Ltd.

    Ngau Tau Kok