Desk Assistant jobs

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    Aptitude Asia

    14 Jul

    Trading Assistant (Synthetic desk) ? Top-tier Investment Bank

    Hong Kong

    17 Jun

    Freelance Job: Geographical manager/ Security/ Administrative Assistant/Book keeping, Dispatcher/ Front Desk Clerk position/ Project Development/ Sale $ Marketing.

    Hong Kong

    22 Jul

    Freelance Job: Data Entry/ Clerical Admin/ Medical Biller/Coding, Administrative Assistant/ Account payable/ Front desk/Customer Service/ Accounting/ payroll Clerk/ Book keeping/ Typist Clerk Customer Service/ Human Resources/ Project Manager/ Administrative Assistant/tv/film production or editing/Operations Manager/ Data Entry Skills

    Hong Kong

    The Royal Pacific Hotel & To...

    20 Jul

    Assistant Front Desk Supervisor - The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers

    Tsim Sha Tsui

    09 Jul

    Freelance Job: Virtual assistant support

    Hong Kong