Events Assistant jobs

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    15 Jul

    Freelance Job: Virtual Assistant for Travel & Events

    Hong Kong

    11 Aug

    Freelance Job: Fulltime Virtual Assistant for Festival & Events Industry

    Hong Kong

    16 Jul

    Freelance Job: Celebrity Travel Tour: Travel Itinerary & Events Coordinator/Virtual Assistant

    Hong Kong

    09 Jul

    Freelance Job: PR Assistant in Surabaya for end of July event

    Hong Kong

    23 Jun

    Freelance Job: Marketing and Event Assistant

    Hong Kong

    ExcelNet Total HR Solution

    01 Mar

    Corporate Event Assistant

    Hong Kong

    Emporio Antico Limited

    17 Aug

    Restaurant & Events Manager / Assistant Restaurant & Sales Manager - Emporio Antico Limited

    Wan Chai

    Red Asia Communications Limited

    08 Aug

    PR and Event Officer / Assistant - Red Asia Communications Limited

    Kwai Fong