Instrumentation jobs

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    VSL Hong Kong Ltd

    10 Aug

    Instrumentation agent

    New Territories

    04 Aug

    Freelance Job: LabView Support - Test Instrumentation - Automated testing

    Hong Kong

    Megajobs US

    21 Dec

    Deputy Instrumentation Manager / Project Manager (Hong Kong)

    Sha Tin

    01 Aug

    Freelance Job: Logo Design for Instrumentation & Automation & Web designing Company

    Hong Kong

    09 Aug

    Freelance Job: 1. Firmware and software development for PIC 18LFxxx series MCU’s and Arduino (4Duino) systems using Picaso Graphics Controller in USB connected RF measurement instrumentation applications

    Hong Kong

    12 Jul

    Freelance Job: Karaoke/Instrumental Creation

    Hong Kong


    18 Jul

    Job Opportunity: 화학공장 /Instrument Engineer(신입인ȗ

    New Territories

    17 Jul

    Freelance Job: Music Instrument Product design

    Hong Kong