Libraries jobs

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    29 Jun

    Freelance Job: Making phone calls to location managers, scouts, and libraries

    Hong Kong

    14 Jun

    Freelance Job: Turn a simple c program, with static libraries, into a .deb package.

    Hong Kong

    11 Jun

    Freelance Job: Create a face recognition system that works with php mysql server

    Hong Kong


    17 Jul

    Mobile Game Developer Cocos2d-x - 6waves Limited

    Wan Chai

    30 Jun

    Freelance Job: PACS/DICOM/MWL

    Hong Kong

    18 Jun

    Freelance Job: Python script

    Hong Kong

    23 Jun

    Freelance Job: distance meter by sound wave in android phones

    Hong Kong

    09 May

    Freelance Job: Porting Visual Studio project & solution files to CMake

    Hong Kong