Statistician jobs

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    HR 컨설팅(주)

    27 Jul

    Job Offer: Bio Statistician

    New Territories

    23 May

    Freelance Job: Project based statistician

    Hong Kong

    21 Jun

    Freelance Job: CFL fantasy statistician

    Hong Kong

    23 Jul

    Freelance Job: Statistician and Researcher

    Hong Kong

    20 Jul

    Freelance Job: Experienced statistician, IBM SPSS user to perform logistic regression analysis

    Hong Kong

    26 Jul

    Freelance Job: Endogeneity and Durbin Wu Hausman Test Expert (Statistician/Econometrician with R programming)

    Hong Kong

    Megajobs US

    22 Dec

    Statistical Manager

    Hong Kong

    31 Jul

    Freelance Job: Meta-analysis

    Hong Kong