Sports Coach jobs

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    26 May

    Freelance Job: Fitness, sports pros, coaches for writing tips

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong College Of Technology

    15 Jul

    Full Time adjunct Lecturer (Fitness Coaching / Health / Sports Science / Sports Management)

    Hong Kong

    The Kinnet

    29 Jun

    Job Opportunity: FITNESS MANAGER

    New Territories

    Absolute Fitness Limited

    27 Jun

    Job Offer: Personal Trainer

    New Territories

    Thumbtack, Inc.

    27 Dec

    Personal Trainer

    New Territories

    Technological And Higher Educati...

    24 Jun

    Job Offer: Part-time Instructor (Sports and Recreation Management)

    Hong Kong


    24 Jul

    Education Instructor

    Hong Kong

    The Genius Workshop

    16 Jul

    Offer: Full Time Instructor

    New Territories